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[001] Setzer and Beatrix
[002] Kain, Cecil and Laguna
[003] Kain, Edgar, Laguna, Galuf and Cecil
[004] Kain, Edgar and Cecil
[005] Kain, Cecil and Lightning
[006] Edgar and Lightning
[007] Galuf and Cecil
[008] Edgar, Laguna, Galuf, Cecil and Kain
[009] Tseng, Edgar and Ashe
[010] Terra and Beatrix
[011] Zidane and Terra
[012] Yuna, Galuf, Jecht and Zidane
[013] Lightning, Quistis, Zidane, Jecht and Squall
[014] Jecht and Beatrix
[015] Tseng, Lightning and Galuf
[016] Tseng, Cecil and Galuf
[017] Cecil and Edgar
[018] Cecil and Terra
[019] Cecil, Jecht and Lightning
[020] Kain and Lightning
[021] Cecil
[022] Ashe, Galuf and Balthier


SETZER: My honored guests, please be assured that we are doing everything we can to apprehend this person. I urge you to forward any concerns you may have towards General Beatrix and Sergeant Lightning.

In the meantime, feel free to try your luck at our casinos while we prepare for the upcoming auction.

BEATRIX: [Beatrix approaches. She stops at the table that Setzer is lounging and makes an abrupt salute]

Sir, I have a few questions I'd like to ask you in regards to our investigation. May I speak with you in private?


KAIN: [Kain is leaning against the wall of the pool, regretting that he'd not brought swimwear. The weather is far too hot for head-to-toe armour]

*silently curses his lack of forethought and frowns at the empty main deck*

All this talk of murder has gotten me on edge... Perhaps I'd better locate Cecil, and fulfill my duties. *slight sigh* Rosa would be most unhappy, were the same to happen to her King.

LAGUNA: *wakes up from previous nap, snorting slightly*

Huh, wha. *yawn*

Hey there, Kain, wasn't it? Why the frown on your face?

Uh, assuming there's one, anyway. Heard you sighing, you see.

Maybe you should take off your helmet...

CECIL: [Kain won't need to locate Cecil; Cecil's already located Kain. There appears to be an amazing amount of locating going on, actually.

Very awkward pause, because Cecil is awful at dealing with Kain in his mopier moments, especially in the middle of the main deck.]

...Kain. I was looking for you.

[If Kain is going to stonewall him, then yes, this is going to be awkward. Again.]

LAGUNA (to Cecil): Oh! *awkward pause*

King Cecil. Uh. King Harvey. *mentally kicks self*

[leg cramps up]

Hi! What's your favourite food?? I mean, wouldn't it be nice if we could, uh, spread food everywhere? You know? Our world has the most amazing hotdogs ever. Have you heard of them? HOT. DOGS.

(Goddammit, of all the questions to ask a king, you ask what's his favourite food? Goddammit Laguna, where do you keep your brain???)

CECIL: [Laguna's casual tone is actually rather welcome to Cecil; it's a nice change from courtiers politely trying to weasel their way into his favour.]

Just "Cecil" will do; this is supposed to be mostly a pleasure trip, I believe?

[blinks as Laguna starts hopping around, courtesy of inconvenient leg cramps]

Are you all right?
LAGUNA: [cursing inwardly]

[just realized that his leg is cramping up in front of a King, when it usually cramps up in front of breasts.]

I'm fine! I'm fine, completely and totally fine King - uh, I mean, Cecil. Yes! Favourite food, favourite drink. Favourite time of day. I should start a survey! What do you think?

CECIL: [Cecil considers this, then nods. It's probably a good thing he doesn't know Laguna usually gets leg cramps in front of pretty ladies.]

A survey might be an interesting way for us to find out more about one another's worlds.

LAGUNA: [excited at being in agreement with A KING]

Alright! Off I go.

... Although, I should probably talk to people about the murder, or else my boss might kill me. Hmm.

CECIL: [Cecil is perhaps somewhat amused at Laguna's enthusiasm.]

Perhaps you should, then. You could always survey them after talking to them about the murder?

LAGUNA: Ah, seems like security is doing the questioning... maybe I'll go badger them later for the full story to report. In the meantime, I'll interview you instead! *nod*

Y'know, this could be a good idea. I mean, we're all from different worlds with different stories to tell. It'll be a good way for us to find out more about each other.

Soooooo... how long have you been ruling, what motivates you as ruler, and what are you hoping to achieve through interdimensional relations?

{I sound smart and intelligent! Go me!)

CECIL: I have been ruling for over a year, now. If you're unfamiliar with my world: we are still recovering from a war; rebuilding efforts are ongoing, but such things take time - and while these efforts are ongoing, I would like to see, perhaps, if there is anything I can learn that would help people to recover from the aftermath of war.

And quite aside from that... [wry] It's been a while since I was on board an airship; I rather miss it.

[Cecil is avoiding the topic of 'what motivates him as ruler'; there's a lot of emotional tangles there.]

LAGUNA: A war, you say? [Laguna taps his pen on his chin thoughtfully.] Hmm... maybe you could tell me more about it?

Airships are great! I've always wondered how they work, though.

CECIL: [Cecil isn't sure how much to tell Laguna, especially considering there's a lot of emotional tangles in the whole affair.]

It is a long story...

[smiles at Laguna's enthusiasm]

I have a friend who builds them, and who is constantly refitting Baron's airships with new inventions and improvements. Perhaps, if we get another opportunity, I should introduce you; he'd gladly tell you how they work.


EDGAR: [Edgar catches a glimpse of a few of the other royals on the ship and decides to go introduce himself. He puts on his most charming smile.]

Queen Rosa of Baron, so wonderful to finally meet you! I had heard tales of your legendary beauty, but it would seem that they've all been grossly understated.

And this must be your husband, Cecil? [Edgar gestures towards the armored man.] A lucky man, to have such a lovely queen.

GALUF: Husband? Queen? Bwahaha I might be a forgetful old fart but even I'm not that confused!

KAIN: *Kain freezes*

I... *masters self* I suppose you are correct about one thing, misguided as you are.


KAIN: ...that was not what I was inferring. Edgar's conclusions as to my King's identity were incorrect, but the others...

LAGUNA: @_@ Oh. Well, you were King for a minute there!

*laughs at own joke*


CECIL: [Cecil blinks. Rosa -? Rosa's not with him on this trip; she felt she had to stay home and 'look after things'. He couldn't have stopped her if she actually wanted to go.]

My apologies; if you're looking for my wife, she's not -

[stops dead as Edgar gestures towards Kain.


EDGAR: [Edgar blinks at the reactions of the other around. What's...wait.

...NO WAY is that a guy. He's wearing BEADS IN HIS HAIR. And is that LIPSTICK? I'd mistake Celes for a guy before I thought...]

...I...Please pardon me, then, King Cecil. [Edgar coughs sheepishly.] Who is your stoic companion, then?

KAIN: In our home, you introduce yourself, before asking the same of others. Be that as it may, I am Kain Highwind, the King's bodyguard for the duration of this trip.

EDGAR: [Edgar shrugs.] Well, this airship is pretty much my second home, so forgive me if I'm not observing all the formalities.

I'm Edgar Roni Figaro, king of Figaro. Setzer, Terra, and I are old friends.

[Edgar raises an eyebrow.] I'd heard that King Cecil is a war hero. Why does he need such a heavily-armored bodyguard?

CECIL: [That's a question he's better suited to answer than Kain, really.]

If I may explain? Kain is not just my 'bodyguard'; he's my closest friend, as well. Rosa suggested he accompany me.

EDGAR: Ahh, I see. My twin brother serves in much the same capacity...when he's not on a mountain somewhere, training. [Edgar sighs.] The idiot almost never comes home. [He shakes his head and smiles ruefully.] Have any brothers, Cecil?

KAIN: *Kain looks a little uncomfortable at the similarities in the situation*

CECIL: Ah - yes. One. Long-lost, actually - and I hardly see him. I grew up with Kain, though. [quite deliberately not mentioning Kain's tendency to spend time on mountains. So far.]

EDGAR: [Edgar shoots a curious look at the clearly uncomfortable Kain.]

Sorry to hear that. At least you have Kain, though, hm?

CECIL: [This conversation is taking a slightly awkward turn for Cecil for a variety of reasons, the main one being the fact that Kain's been moping on mountaintops for a while.]

Yes, I suppose I do. There isn't anyone I would trust to watch my back more. Except Rosa, of course. The three of us grew up together.

EDGAR: [Edgar claps Kain on the shoulder, smiling in a friendly manner. Can't hurt to make some friends here...and these two REALLY need to lighten up a bit.]

So, Kain. Cecil here's married, but how about you? I'm rather sadly lacking a queen, myself - perhaps I could be your wingman? I'm excellent with the ladies.

KAIN: No. I've not been married.

*Kain thinks, and he looks at Cecil* Yes, perhaps... Perhaps that is what I need. I accept your offer, Edgar.

EDGAR: [Edgar raises his eyebrows and clears his throat awkwardly.]

I should warn you, I'm not such a hit with the boys, if that's your preference.

Girls, though...we've a few unattached ones about. Do you prefer queens or generals?

KAIN: I understand your concern, but I'm afraid you're mistaken. That said, both queens and generals interest me.

EDGAR: [Edgar taps his chin thoughtfully.] Well, last I heard, Garnet was shacked up with the kid with the tail, so she's off the table. Not sure about the pretty summoner, either - the guy with her looks a bit...aggressive. That leaves Queen Ashelia, General Beatrix, the feisty blonde with the whip, and Sergeant Lightning. All gorgeous in different many different, ah, assets to be considered.

I'm pretty sure the Sergeant is the only one here who could beat you in a staring contest, though.

[Edgar pointedly doesn't mention Terra in his list of available women.]

KAIN: *small laugh* As you say. The Sergeant is the head of security on this ship, correct? I've not crossed paths with her yet.

EDGAR: Well, she's the one with the pink hair. Hard to miss. [Edgar grins.] I'll be sure to direct her your way.

Mind taking off the helmet for a minute so I know that I'm not lying when I tell her you're a good looking guy? [He chuckles.]

KAIN: you wish. *removes helmet begrudgingly, before replacing it*

EDGAR: [Edgar raises his eyebrows. Man has some NICE hair. Are all the men in Baron this pretty...? What must the WOMEN look like? Gotta ask Cecil if he has a picture of his queen stashed anywhere...]

Thanks, man. Glad you didn't make a liar of me! [Edgar laughs, a mischievous sparkle in his eye.] How do you keep your hair that nice under that helmet, anyways?

KAIN: I... might need a drink. *leaves for dining hall*


KAIN: I understand your concern, but I'm afraid you're mistaken. That said, both queens and generals interest me.

CECIL: [Cecil's somewhat surprised by this - and the quick glance Kain shot him didn't escape his notice, either. But Kain, willingly accepting a matchmaking offer from Edgar? This is quite unlike him.

He tries not to stare in surprise. Or gape.]

KAIN: *clears throat awkwardly*

CECIL: [...clearly he wasn't very successful in his attempt, but he still has difficulty wrapping his mind around it. It's just - Kain - he always thought Kain would come back to Baron, for Rosa if not for Cecil himself. And - matchmaking.]

Have fun, Kain.

[awkward silence]

EDGAR: Uh...YOU don't have a problem with me setting your friend up with the hot Sergeant, do you, Cecil?

[These two have...issues, I think.]

CECIL: [politely] Not if he wants you to; it's Kain's choice, not mine.

[He really does mean this. Kain spends far too much time being troubled; Cecil would like to see him happier.]

EDGAR: Alright then. You happen to have a picture of your lady love about, so I know what kind of beauty Kain sees on a daily basis?

[Edgar smiles disarmingly.]

CECIL: Ah - no; I don't have one on me right now.

[Edgar's disarming grin might work on the ladies; it's currently not working on Cecil, who is tense and still a bit in shock.]

EDGAR: Shame, that. I hope she's prettier than you, at least? [Like that's even possible...]

CECIL: Prettier than -- [Cecil's caught off-guard by this remark again.] They say she's the most beautiful woman in Baron; to me, she certainly is.

EDGAR: [Edgar smiles.] Good for you, then.

[Terra... There's not a woman in Figaro that can compare to you... I wondered if I'm biased, too?]

CECIL: [Cecil nods at this and returns the smile.] I know I am a blessed man.

[Still. What did Edgar mean, prettier than him?]

KAIN: [to CECIL] A wise man's answer. *slight smile*

CECIL: [wry smile at Kain] I can hardly say otherwise, can I? [half-jesting, is only too glad to see the slight smile on Kain's face] Rosa might catch wind of it, else.


KAIN: I will not be lax in my duties to protect you, Cecil. Do not fear. *interprets Cecil's awkwardness for worry*

CECIL: I know I can trust you to watch my back, Kain. But if you wish, you should go with Edgar and meet others.

[It wouldn't be wrong to say Cecil's worried; he's just worried for Kain, not for himself. On top of all the awkwardness, of course.]

LIGHTNING: Lightning spots the very ... regal ... looking man with two others over by the wall near the pool

King Cecil?

CECIL: [Cecil straightens a little and nods at Lightning.]

That would be me, yes. Pleased to meet you; you must be Sergeant Lightning?

[Well, if Lightning's come over to join them, perhaps he should leave Kain and Edgar to it.]

LIGHTNING: As I'm sure you're aware there's been a murder on board, I'm afraid I'm going to have to ask you a few questions, do you have a moment?

CECIL: I am aware, yes. [nods] I'm willing to assist you; this murder is a terrible crime.

LIGHTNING: Might I ask where you were when the murder took place?

CECIL: With Kain, of course. He and I are old friends.

LIGHTNING: With Kain where? for how long? was anyone else present?

CECIL: We were in our shared quarters; no, no one else was present. I - cannot remember exactly how long we stayed there; time does seem to fly when you're with an old friend, doesn't it?

[It had, really. He'd been - well, admittedly trying to - catch up with Kain - after all, he hadn't seen Kain in quite a while.]

LIGHTNING: I suppose it does...

Kain... that is the friend that went to the dining room some time ago, yes? Perhaps i should question him next...

[Lightning Exits the deck for the dining room]


EDGAR: [Edgar puts on his very most charming smile.] Sergeant Farron? You're looking lovely this evening!

LIGHTNING: [Lightning looks over at Edgar] who are you?

EDGAR: [Edgar looks taken aback, and a little offended.]

Edgar, king of Figaro, and good friend of your boss.

LIGHTNING: Hm, well isn't that nice.

May I ask, sir, where you were at the time of the murder?

EDGAR: I was drinking with Setzer in the captain's room. I appreciate your dedication to your job, Sergeant Farron, but perhaps you could take a break from interrogating people for a bit?

LIGHTNING: Hm, I presume the Captain will confirm your alibi?

While I could use a drink, I don't think now is the time...

EDGAR: Are you sure? Most of the others seem to have gone to bed. Seems like the perfect time for a drink.

In addition, one of the only ones still awake headed for the dining room. He should still be there.

GALUF and CECIL [007]

GALUF: Hmmmm anyone can see Mr Gloom over there has issues.

Hey, Sparkly, you're a good friend of his aren't you? Do you know what you should do? *wiggles eyebrows*

CECIL: [somewhat surprised at being addressed as 'Sparkly' even if it is appropriate, but lets it slide]

Ah - talk to him?


You are referring to me? I don't believe we've met before...

GALUF: *facepalm*

You royal folk and all your formalities! The name's Galuf, you're King Cecil yes?

And I doubt just talking to him is going to get any sense through the helmet and thick skull of his...

CECIL: Yes, I'm Cecil.


Kain is stubborn. [half-smile] What do you suggest, then?

GALUF: HMMM With all his pent-up energy, he probably needs channel his frustrations. A girl perhaps, to loosen him up? You've got your choice of beautiful ladies around here! *wiggles eyebrows*

Or perhaps an intense bout of sparring? In private, preferably! We wouldn't want any collateral damage would we!

CECIL: [Cecil blinks. A girl to loosen Kain up? Well, if he wanted. On the other hand... he hasn't had a practice fight with Kain in a long time.]

The sparring does sound like a good idea.

[Galuf's right about the damage, though; there are a lot of people on board this airship and he wouldn't want any of them to get hurt.]

Where do you suggest, then?

GALUF: If your room is spacious enough, it should be pretty private~ Though otherwise, you could possibly find a quiet corner of the ship? You might have to ask Edgar or Setzer about that!

Go get him, Sparkly~! *winks*

CECIL: Our room --? That might damage the furniture, but a quiet corner of the ship sounds like it should suffice.

[stops at the 'go get him' and the wink from Galuf; he's beginning to get an inkling of what Galuf actually meant.]

... It's not like that.

GALUF: Oh! I wouldn't dare imply anything about your special relationship with your companion!

Ah did I say anything that might have given you the impression? *can't remember anything~

CECIL: Ah - [flushes dark red now that he's finally getting the implications of what he told Galuf earlier. About time, Cecil.]

No, nothing. I think not.

If you'll excuse me? I think I need to rest.


EDGAR: [Edgar slouches against the railing of the deck, enjoying the wind on his face.]

So many beautiful ladies, no irritating little brother to stop me from talking to them, and plenty of chances to get on Terra's good side... This trip is damn near perfect.

Why would someone want to sabotage that, I wonder...

LAGUNA: *sighs*

(Best get to work then...}

Hi! King Edgar~! Nice to meet you. M'name's Laguna. The reporter for this event. What are your thoughts on the murder that occurred?

GALUF: [Galuf barges into the main deck ]

Beautiful ladies? I haven't seen any around here!

*was totally disappointed when he found out the black haired goof he's sharing a room with wasn't female ;-;

CECIL: [At least Galuf realises he's not female. Unlike Edgar.]

KAIN: *from where he is standing, Kain shoots Galuf a look*

GALUF: *catches that look*

Yo, Mr Gloom! Aren't you sweating it out under all that armor? Or are you just trying to hide in plain sight?

KAIN: *eyes narrow* I scarcely need to hide.

GALUF: Hmph. Like you weren't shivering in your clanky armor when Edgar stuck his foot in his mouth earlier!

Admitting you need help is always the first step, young man!

But then again, I might just be being an old poofter~

KAIN: Shivering in my- *Kain is outraged* My reaction was far from it, and I would ask of you to watch your words.

GALUF: Ah~! The seriousness of youth! I'm flattered you think silly old bats like myself are worth the effort~!

Channel that energy to more worthwhile pursuits~! Like the pretty ladies that are apparently around! (I know I will! :D)


TSENG: [to EDGAR] Returning from his discussion with Lightning, Tseng contemplates which of the rulers he should ask, and decides on the one who isn't preoccupied with roommate issues or trying to tell him he has gender problems to work out.

King Edgar, was it? Your civilization is more advanced than most here, if what I've heard is correct. Do you openly embrace new technology?

EDGAR: [Edgar smiles slightly.]

Technology is Figaro's lifeblood. We're largely a desert country - without technology, my people would have very little to offer the world. I have some of the finest technical minds left in my world in my employ, working on new inventions.

But I'm afraid we're still quite a bit behind your world. None of what we have done has touched what Gast was doing. Tragic, that something happened to him... I feel like we all have much to learn.

[He shakes his head in frustration.]

ASHE: [Ashe steps forward, a shawl pulled around her shoulders. A smile fixed to her lips.]

I think what you have done is most ingenious, King Edgar. Dalmasca is not a country so technically savvy. That is mostly left to the other countries of our world. As a dessert country we developed to rely heavily upon magick. A moving castle! That sounds like a magnificent sight to see.[Ashe steps forward, a shawl pulled around her shoulders. A smile fixed to her lips.]

I think what you have done is most ingenious, King Edgar. Dalmasca is not a country so technically savvy. That is mostly left to the other countries of our world. As a dessert country we developed to rely heavily upon magick. A moving castle! That sounds like a magnificent sight to see.

TSENG: [to EDGAR] [Tseng forces a slight smile back and uncrosses his arms]

Many opposed the advances Shinra brought. They thought we made technology advance too rapidly to the point it was harming the planet. They ended up being right. Technology, if used for the wrong purpose, can be devastating. [He nods slowly] Gast was trying to remedy some of what we've done; a tragedy, to be sure.

The question is, how does your Kingdom use its technology?

EDGAR: I am more than familiar with harmful technology - the Gestahlian empire went so far to massacre an entire race of people just to feed their greed.

My kingdom uses its technology to better my people. My castle can dive beneath the sands of the desert to take shelter. We also have technologies that allow for better irrigation and farming. But now my world is running short of an efficient energy source, and I fear that it may cause people to turn to war over the few resources we still possess. And more war is something that my world cannot take.


TERRA: [Terra ventures onto the deck and, seeing all the commotion, wanders to the other side of the pool, takes off her boots, and dips her feet in the water.]

BEATRIX: [Beatrix enters the room and pauses at the door. She surveys the room critically, cataloging the occupants. Her eyes catch on the girl sitting near the pool alone, who she vaguely recognizes as the host of the charity on Setzer's ship. She makes her way over discreetly.]

Pardon me if I am disturbing you, Ms. Branford. I am sure you have a lot on your mind. I only wanted to introduce myself. I am General Beatrix, and one of two investigators looking into the recent murder of Professor Gast. If you have a moment, I'd like to ask you a few questions.

TERRA: [Terra stands up to greet Beatrix.]

General Beatrix... Of course. I'll help however I can. I'm sorry such an unfortunate thing happened...

BEATRIX: [This young girl with her timid ways and her earnest expression reminds Beatrix far too much of a certain princess close to her heart. She presses her lips together in consternation. Beatrix is loathe to treating someone so young as a potential suspect, but at this stage of the investigation, everyone is suspect. Beatrix is a solider, and she does her job with utmost professionalism.

Still, there is an unsettling feeling in the pit of her stomach, far too reminiscent of her days in the service of Queen Brahne, when she opens her mouth.]

Thank you. I'll get straight to the point then.

What was your relationship with Professor Gast? Have you known him in a prior capacitance, or have you just known him only recently? Has he played the role as a benefactor in your charity drive, or has his latest research had any relation to your plans?

When was the last time you saw Professor Gast? Lastly, where were you last night?

TERRA: No, Professor Gast was simply a guest on the ship. I have never met him befrore his visit... I believe he came with President Rufus Shinra, one of our VIP guests. President Shinra told us that the professor was working on research related to interdimensional travel, so we welcomed him to share his knowledge with everyone...

I last saw the professor while he was delivering his speech, and did not see him again after that.

Last night, I was sleeping in my room. I'd retired early so I can prepare for the auction... I never would have imagined something so horrible could have happened...

BEATRIX: "I see..."

[Beatrix rubs her chin, her eyes gazing in the distance as she files away the information. She represses the urge to sigh a little. It's going to be a long night. After a moment, she turns back to the young girl and makes an effort to smile kindly.]

"Thank you for your time, Ms. Branford. You did very well. If you happen to think of or remember anything pertinent to this investigation, please let me or my partner know. Now if you'll excuse me, I'll take my leave and return you to your leisure."

[She salutes crisply]

ZIDANE and TERRA [011]

ZIDANE: Catching a glimpse of a beautiful lady at the lonelier side of the pool, Zidane finds his feet moving ahead of his brain. As he draws closer, he knows he should know this face.

Too bad he's terrible at remembering which name belongs to which girl. His mouth opens and closes, then he gives up and decides to smile and wave at her. Now for the pool! Zidane gets a little running start... and then jumps in.

[ Whee! ]

After paddling about for a while, he swims up to her, waving again.

"You've been dipping your feet in the water all this while, miss. The temperature's great for a swim, y'know!"

TERRA: Terra looked up at the splash, and tilted her head at the new arrival amused but somewhat confused. "A... a swim? Right now?"

ZIDANE: "Sure, the water's lovely!" Zidane pushes a convenient inflatable chocobo towards Terra and grins. "I'm not sure if you have these cute little guys in your dimension as well? I adore the flying ones, we have a chocobo's paradise, sky garden and all."

His tone changes, but his look remains earnest. "There's also something important I wanna ask you about. Would you be cool with speaking in private for a sec?"

TERRA: "Flying ones?" Terra stared at him wide-eyed. "We have chocobo stables where we can rent them, but they only run on the ground..."

She leaned closer at his next question. "Of course. Where would you like to go?"

ZIDANE: "Somewhere we can talk freely that ain't a bedroom. Er, I mean -" the words come tumbling out of Zidane's mouth a little too quickly. He sighs.

"How 'bout one of the VIP rooms at the dining hall? We could probably gain entry to one of those (legit and all) as you're the host of the charity auction."

TERRA: Terra looks confused about the bedroom comment, but, nonetheless--

"Of course. That shouldn't be a problem.”


YUNA: After being situated in her room, Yuna decides to head towards the deck for some fresh air. There, she sees a group of men (a good-looking group at that) at the rails. There also seems to be a young woman lounging by the pool with one of the ship's guards.

(I guess I'm not the first one out here. With Jecht sleeping all day, it'd be nice to meet some new company, but I wouldn't want to interrupt...)

GALUF: [Galuf spots Yuna's entry]

Ah~! A pretty lady at last~! Most call me Galuf, what would your name be?

YUNA: [Yuna smiles and blushes slightly]

It's a pleasure to meet you Sir Galuf. I'm Yuna, summoner from the isle of Besaid.

[Yuna bows her head.]

You and your friends seem to be having a great time.

GALUF: Awww. No need for the formalities, honey! Just Galuf will do (;

*looks around*

What's a girl like you doing out here all alone when there's a murderer running around ? (;

YUNA: [Yuna stammers a bit ]

Of course...right, Galuf it is then.

(Hmm...what do I do? He's certainly quite forward...for someone his age, I mean.)

It's a real tragedy what happened...poor Professor Gast. It does worry me that the murderer hasn't been caught but I wouldn't worry much about me, Galuf. I just came out for some fresh air but I do thank you for your concern.

[Yuna smiles]

So what brings you out here?

GALUF: *nods*

The murder is indeed a tragedy. While I had not known Professor Gast personally, from what I've heard of him, the world has lost a very brilliant mind.

Though enough of this depressing talk! We're in the midst of fresh air, a lovely view, and even lovelier ladies (*winks*) , let's just enjoy ourselves~

It was nice meeting you, Lady Yuna. (:

YUNA:"You're right, we really should enjoy ourselves."

Yuna looks out to the horizon. The sky is a bright blue and there are no clouds in sight.

(Despite the awful tragedy, it really is a beautiful day. No wonder everyone is out and about, enjoying the scenery.)

"And it was great meeting you as well, Galuf." Yuna's stomach makes a grumbling sound. She tries to hide her embarrassment with a small laugh. "Now if you'll excuse me, I think I'll go have a quick snack at the dining hall. It seems that I haven't eaten anything since morning." Yuna admits embarrassingly. "Until next time, Galuf."

After bidding farewell to Sir Jecht and the rest of the group, Yuna leaves the main deck and makes her way to the dining hall.

JECHT: Jecht swaggers over and squares up to Galuf, not necessarily without meaning to, but with definite intent. He glowers in a cheerful fashion. "She ain't alone, she's with me!"

He turns to Yuna and throws a protective arm around her shoulders. "Not botherin' ya is he?"

YUNA: Yuna looks up at Jecht. She was startled by his sudden appearance, but not really surprised.

(That's Sir Jecht for you. He means well of course, but...)

Umm...Sir Jecht, I'd like you to meet Galuf.

[Yuna turns to Galuf]

Galuf, this is my guardian, Sir Jecht.

ZIDANE: Ah -- so she's with you, huh, Six-pack? I had heard rumours that the Lady Yuna might have a boyfriend. Still, I thought he was... blonde-haired, blue-eyed, athletic but not overly-built, good looks, winning smile...

He cocks his head to the side and grins smugly, being Zidane.

Still, you look like you fight well... I'd be glad to volunteer for the position, but I guess she won't be needing an extra bodyguard around here, huh?

JECHT: "Yeah, she's with me, monkey boy. I'm her Guardian, not her boyfriend. That joy belongs to my boy, wherever he is these days."

Jecht grins at Zidane. "The name's Jecht, you've probably heard of me." He scratches the back of his head. "I'm all the bodyguard little Yuna needs!"

GALUF: [to JECHT] *Galuf is immune to glowers~ (Krile does that to him often enough!)*

Ahh, good to see she has her own bodyguard. Wouldn't want a pretty girl like her to fall into the hands of the damned murderer~

Hmmhmmm what else do you do besides guarding her body? *wiggles eyebrows*

JECHT: Jecht was unperturbed at the lack of reaction to his glower. He grinned widely at Galuf, predicting (correctly) that he'd met his match in humour. "Oh you know, this and that. Mostly making sure she's not getting poisoned with contaminated alcohol. It's a hard job, but someone's gotta do it, ya know."

Jecht raised an eyebrow and tilted his head. "What about you, old man? Apparently we're surrounded by young 'uns, do I have a rival for their attentions or are you willing to let the magnificent Jecht take all the glory?"

GALUF: Hoho. The powers of the youthful~ I feel younger already being around them.

I have no intention of being your rival, but I can't let you have all the fun~ *winks*

JECHT: "I know what'd make me feel more youthful! A nice drink," Jecht beams. "I wonder if any of the ladies want escorting to a bar somewhere.." he trailed off. "I'm glad to hear you don't intend to be my rival, though! We should be partners in crime instead."

Jecht imagined Auron's face and laughed to himself. "I know another old man who'd go crazy at the thought!"

ZIDANE: [to YUNA] Hey, old fart!

That's not how you should treat a pretty lady. At the very least, you should... Uh... Offer her that potion mixed with viagra a drink!

[ Zidane addresses Yuna ]

...Lady Yuna, allow me. He does a low bow.

Zidane Tribal of Alexandria, admirer of pretty ladies extraordinaire -- I mean, admirer of extraordinarily pretty ladies -- at your service.

If this man is menacing you with one wink too many, I will gladly bop him on the head for you.

May I offer you a drink?

[He produces a refreshing cocktail from ...somewhere, and proffers it to her.]

JECHT: "Hey, I don't think you should be offering drinks to my charge without my permission!" Jecht intercepts the cocktail neatly and sniffs at it. "I'd better taste this for you, Yuna! Can't be too careful, eh?"

He elbows Zidane with a wink and downs the entire drink. "Oops?"

ZIDANE: "...Hey, that drink was for the pretty lady, not you!"

[Zidane pouts.]

"Well, s'long as you aren't allergic to delicious, you oughta be fine. Still, you wolfed that down way too fast! So much for 'can't be too careful, eh', eh?"

JECHT: "That's what Guardians are for, tail boy! Can't go letting our Summoners get drunk and forgettin' their quests now, can we?"

Jecht slaps his stomach cheerfully and belches. "Iron stomach, kid. One of the many, many reasons I'm such a great Guardian." Jecht peered into the empty glass, as if willing some more to appear. "You got any more of these lying around? Tastes a bit girly, but since when do I care?"

YUNA: [to ZIDANE] Yuna shakes her head as Jecht swipes the drink from Zidane's hand and downs it in one quick gulp. Yuna gives Jecht a hard look and turns her attention to the young man.

"I'm sorry about that Sir Zidane. The gesture is really kind of you, but like Sir Jecht said, summoners and drinks don't mix very well." Yuna explains, as if from experience. Suddenly, Yuna remembers that the young man introduced himself as Zidane Tribal of Alexandria.

(I wonder if he's acquainted with the Queen Garnet? It'd be wonderful if I could meet her acquaintance.)

"I hope you don't mind me asking, but are you from the same Alexandria that the summoner Queen Garnet presides over? It would be great if I could meet another summoner like myself."

ZIDANE: "Heh! Well, I don't have any left on me, but you could check out the dining room -- looks like your charge went on ahead to get some tasting done faster!"

GALUF: [to ZIDANE] Humph. What manners! Even Mr Gloom over there is better than you in that regard.

Besides, don't you already have your own little lady?

ZIDANE: [ Zidane ignores the talk about manners coming from the person who made the pretty lady tense, prompting Six-pack to check out the fuss. He raises an eyebrow. ]

"Well, it'd go against my nature to look on and say nothing when a guy ain't treating a pretty lady properly!"

("...Well, and Dagger would probably think I was being mind-controlled or something if I wasn't thinking about girls.")


[ Monkey-boy scans the deck for a glimpse of his queen. ]

GALUF: Ain't treating a pretty lady properly? You've got some nerve, Monkey Boy! Besides, you're the one who made Six-pack get all antsy!

JECHT: "Who made me get all antsy, now? I ain't antsy. Just showin' you guys where yer place is, that's all!"

Jecht leered at Zidane. "So you got a pretty lady of yer own, eh? She not get jealous of you pervin' on other girls?"

ZIDANE: "Me? I've always been good with the ladies... can't help it if they're all throwing themselves at me, y'know." Zidane shrugs and winks.

"Speaking of Dagger, it's really strange that she hasn't shown up yet. I'm gonna go find her now. Catch you later!"


LIGHTNING: [Sergent Lightning Farron strides onto the deck]


QUISTIS: [Quistis finds Lightning on the deck.]

"I wonder if we might speak Sergeant Lightning. Perhaps in private?"

LIGHTNING: Of course, Quistis was it? where would you suggest?

QUISTIS: "Yes, I'm Quistis. How about my room? I believe Squall is out for the moment."

ZIDANE: "Quistis, was it? If you've got a second -- I'd like to have a word with you as well." Zidane scratched his head. "Heard you, uh, were a teacher. Have a word problem on my hands, but it's a tad embarrassing to discuss in public."

QUISTIS: "Certainly. I was a teacher before. Where do you wish to discuss this?"

JECHT: [to LIGHTNING] "Hey, who are you?" Jecht tipped a wink at the no-nonsense-looking woman. "You look like a girl who'd be handy in a fight!"

SQUALL: [to LIGHTNING] Squall eyed her idly from his place against the handrails. She was one of the people in charge for security around here, huh? She looks anything but happy, what with a murder occurring under her charge.


JECHT: Jecht pulls up a sun lounger and swings his leg across it, planting himself firmly down with a grin. He looks around, eyeing up everyone on the deck.

"Is there anywhere a man can get a drink on this boat?" he boomed. Since Auron isn't here, for once he can actually let his hair down without feeling guilty.

BEATRIX: [Beatrix approaches, flipping her hair over her shoulder. She's known many a man like this in her lifetime, men who take life far less seriously than they should. It is far easier to play their game than to fight it--they never fail at underestimating her.]

Another round of drinks, Jecht from room X?

[She crosses her arms and cocks her head. A smirk plays on her lips.]

From what I hear, you've been on round 1 for the last three days.

JECHT: "Hey there, didn't see ya! You're pretty quiet for a girl wearin' armour, ya know." He swung himself round to face the woman with a smile.

"What's yer name, then? And if you're offerin', yeah, I'll have a drink!" Jecht casually leaned backwards onto his hands. "Wanna join me on here? There's plenty of room."

BEATRIX: [Beatrix's tolerance for silly men has vastly increased since being with Steiner for the past 2 years. Before, she might have whipped out Save the Queen and skewered him where he sat. Now, she finds Jetcht more amusing than offensive, and mostly harmless.

She smiles slightly. ]

"I think not. Try those moves on someone who can appreciate them. Or at least someone young enough to be fooled by them."

[She straightens up, resting her hand on her hilt.]

"Forgive my manners. I am General Beatrix, one of two who are currently investigating the murder of the late Professor Gast. If you have a moment, I'd like to ask you a few questions. And if its a drink you want..."

[She motions a nearby waiter standing near the entrance to the deck. She turns back to Jecht as the waiter speedily approaches. ]

"..What would you prefer?"

JECHT: Jecht was somewhat taken aback at the refusal, but he shrugged it off with his usual cheer and latched onto a better subject - drink!

"Good to meet ya, General. The name's Jecht, you've probably heard of me." Jecht waved a hand in dismissal. Of course she'd heard of him, everyone had. No question about it.

"I'll have a beer, thanks. Now, question away! I'll try not to get too scared of the interrogation!" Jecht guffawed, then took a drink of his beer.


TSENG: Tseng quietly slips into one of the chairs and pretends to be preoccupied with reading over his files. He may actually be eavesdropping and looking for signs of suspicious behavior.

LIGHTNING: [lightning makes her way over to the table]

Excuse me sir, do you mind if i sit here?

[Lightning takes a chair anyway, aware it might be rude]

My name is Sergent Lightning Farron, I'm investigating the death of Professor Gast, if you have a moment, i'd like to ask you a few questions.

TSENG: [He puts his papers down and turns to the Sergent with interest]

Not at all, Miss Farron. Perhaps we can help each other. What have you gathered so far? There would be no use in me telling you what you already know.

LIGHTNING: Please, call me Lightning.

As you are still a suspect, i cannot tell you much Mr. Tseng, however, i would be very interested in any information you may have.

Can you tell me where you were at the time of the murder?

TSENG: I can not say without knowing what time the murder took place. We've only heard rough estimates.

It may be best if we take this conversation somewhere a little more private?

[He glances back at Galuf and tries to hide his embarrassment behind a slight scowl

LIGHTNING: [Lightning stares at the newcomer in disbelief]

... Yes, somewhere more private might be for the best.

Might I suggest my room? if you would allow me a moment to clear up a bit

GALUF: wooo how tense this conversation is going~! You sure you don't need to loosen up, honey?

LIGHTNING: [Lightning ignores the comment and seizes the opportunity]

Galuf, now that you're here, would you mind answering a few questions?

GALUF: Awww, honey, with a face like yours, I'd answer any questions you have for me (;

LIGHTNING: [Lightning prays for patience]

Mr. Galuf where were you at the time of the murder? Was anyone with you at the time?

GALUF: Galuf is slightly disappointed by the lack of reaction from Lightning

Ah I confess I wasn't really listening when the announcement to the murder was made. May I ask exactly what you mean by the time of the murder?

LIGHTNING: Where were you for the 24 hours following Gasts speech?

GALUF: [to TSENG] Bwahaha what a sweet talker~ As if you don't just have the hots for the little missy~

TSENG: Not all of us are trying to hit up the whole room. If talking is grounds for attraction, I'd hate to know what the conversation we're currently having implies.

GALUF: Hoho, if you started inviting me to a private conversation as well, I might start getting worried.

Hmmmmm... though if you're worried even over an old fart like all that long hair...

*narrows eyes* Are you sure you're not having some kind of gender crisis?


GALUF: [Spotting the two long-haired persons on the table, Galuf walks over.]

Ah, a new day, a fresh start, and even lovelier ladies today. What are you girls talking about over here~?

CECIL: [Cecil overhears Galuf's remark about 'you girls', and wonders why people on board this airship appear to be quite so confused.]

Ah - Galuf. I do believe one of them is male.

TSENG: [to GALUF] Tseng stops mid-conversation with Lightning and stares at the new arrival with silence for a couple of brief seconds before regaining composure.

When is the last time you've had an eye exam? Or are you trying to hide something with this act?

GALUF: HAW~! I knew from the start you were too manly to be a girl~ Can't say I'm not disappointed though...

TSENG: Yet you decided to take your chances? If you like effeminate men, I know a crossdressing blonde you should meet...

CECIL and EDGAR [017]

CECIL: [Cecil's taking a solitary stroll out on the main deck, trying to clear his thoughts. There's a nice breeze out here, it might help. Maybe talking to people might help, too.]

EDGAR: [Edgar wanders back onto the deck and blinks at the sunlight reflecting off of Cecil's hair and armor. Something tells me Relm would love this guy. He chuckles to himself and walks over to the other king, slapping him on the shoulder.]

Cecil! No bodyguard today?

CECIL: [Cecil's lost in thought, so he's somewhat startled when Edgar slaps him on the shoulder.]

Hello, Edgar. [maybe a little morose] No, I haven't seen Kain since yesterday. He'd already left the room when I awoke.

EDGAR: [Edgar blinks in amazement. He almost looks as gloomy as Kain did yesterday. What's up with these Baron guys, anyways?]

You don't sound too happy about that. There some trouble between you two?

CECIL: [Cecil isn't sure how much to tell Edgar. Then again, Edgar's the one with a brother who spends most of his time training on mountains, so he'll probably understand.]

...I suppose you could say that. [sighs] We... haven't been talking since he returned from Mount Ordeals.

EDGAR: Mount Ordeals? Doesn't really sound like a fun place, if you ask me.

Why haven't you been talking much?

CECIL: It is... exactly what it says. The mountain tests you. I became a paladin there.

[He doesn't know how to begin explaining the whole tangled mess; half of these things are, he feels, Kain's to tell, not his. Besides, it's not as if he hasn't tried to reforge their friendship.]

He was - [hesitates, sighs, shakes head]

I tried to talk to him. It's not working.

EDGAR: [Edgar folds his arms and stares off at the sky, thinking.]

What about your wife? Do she and Kain get along? Maybe he's resentful, or feeling like an outsider, now that his best friend is a married man.

CECIL: The three of us grew up together; I think she got along with Kain better than I did. When we were younger she used to stop us from fighting.

...Rosa and I miss Kain. I'd like to see him come home.

EDGAR: ...I see. Any chance that Kain could be jealous of YOU, then? You say he and Rosa got along well... Maybe it was more than that, for him?

[Somehow I feel like I've only brushed the tip of the sand dune here...]

CECIL: ...I think it was. I just thought... [gathers his thoughts] Kain's accompanying me on this trip was Rosa's idea; she said it would be a good thing for him to keep me company.

I thought I could fix things. Go back to how it was between the three of us.

EDGAR: [Edgar rests his hand on Cecil's shoulder.]

Let me tell you a story.

I have a friend named Locke. He was in love with a village girl named Rachel. One day, they were out exploring, and she got hurt - she fell into a coma, and when she woke, she didn't know him. The village people blamed her amnesia on Locke, saying that it was his fault she was injured.

So Locke left. When he went back to his village after a while, it had been destroyed by the Empire, and Rachel was dead. He swore to find a way to bring her back, so he had an alchemist preserve her body in a magical stasis. While he was looking for a way to bring her back, he met a woman named Celes. She was a General in the Imperial army, but she wasn't evil. Eventually, he fell in love with her.

Then the world ended. And when we found Locke again, he had finally found the thing that would bring Rachel back. Despite everything - the state of the world and his love for Celes - he would have given up anything to have Rachel back. In the end, she was only restored for a few moments, and Locke had to learn how to go on after that.

[Edgar pauses and sighs.] I guess what I'm trying to get at is, Locke spent so much time trying to put things "back the way they were," but it was impossible.

The three of you are all still alive, though. There's no reason why you can't work it out. Just keep trying to get him to open up - and don't be worrying about the way things USED to be. Worry about making progress from where they are.

CECIL: [Cecil listens, then nods slowly.]

I should try to talk to Kain again, shouldn't I...?

[He sighs. He wishes Rosa was here as well; Rosa's the one who's good at handling these things. She was always better at talking to people than he was. Especially Kain.]

Thank you, Edgar. If you see Kain, could you please tell him I'm looking for him?

EDGAR: Not a problem, Cecil. Hope you two can make some headway soon.

CECIL: [Cecil gives Edgar a grateful smile.] I hope so, too.

CECIL and TERRA [018]

TERRA: [Terra wanders over.]

Ah, Edgar, there you are--


Oh! King Cecil!

CECIL: Just Cecil will do; there's very little need for formal titles here. You must be Ms. Branford? Thank you for the invitation; it's an honour to be here.

TERRA: *shakes her head and smiles*

No, thank you for coming, and your generous donation. I... you can just call me Terra.

Aside from the murder, I hope you've enjoyed your stay here.

CECIL: I could hardly refuse to donate to such a good cause; I hope you get enough funds for your orphanage.

I've enjoyed my stay here, yes; it's been a while since I've been on an airship, and this one is particularly fine.

TERRA: Still, if not for the kindness of people like you, I don't know how we would have managed...

*glances around airship and smiles* Yes. This ship is Setzer's pride and joy.

CECIL: As someone who was an orphan, myself... a donation is a small thing compared to the time and effort you're spending.

[smiles at that remark; he can tell whoever owns this airship takes good care of it.] It shows. She's a beautiful ship. Baron has many airships, but they are mostly for military purposes - this is something quite different.

TERRA: *looks sad for a little* There were so many orphans from the war... I hope they will grow to be as noble as you.

Airships... for military purposes? [the idea is almost foreign to Terra] This ship... was built to be the fastest airship in the world. Not for war. Simply for the pleasure of flying...

CECIL: [bows head at the compliment] I am hardly noble, but thank you. I owe much of who I am to my foster father. With the time you're willing to spend with these children... I'm certain they will grow up well.

Ah - yes. For military purposes, and initially used for war. Now, though, there is peace, and rebuilding efforts are ongoing. Still, we need to safeguard people from monsters, and what better use to put them to than defending others? This ship... I think building something for the pleasure of flying is a far better purpose than building a ship for war.

TERRA: Your foster father... *ponders* the king of Baron? I'll have much to learn from him... These children mean the world to me.

Maybe you can change the ships. Just a few. So that they bring laughter instead.

CECIL: He was a noble and honourable man. [smiles faintly at the memory]

Perhaps I'll do that. My friend, who builds airships, would certainly like to take up the challenge. Perhaps the one we commandeered... what did Edge name it? Ah - the Falcon.

TERRA: The... Falcon? [Terra looks confused for a moment.] But... this is the Falcon.

CECIL: It is? [briefly amused]

Then refitting the one in my world is even more appropriate, since they share the same name.

TERRA: Yes! I'm sure a lot of people would love to visit it!

CECIL: That's good; I would like people to be able to enjoy themselves for a while, even as we put all our efforts to rebuilding what was destroyed in the war.

TERRA: Yes! In my world too! I want everyone to learn how to smile again, and to live without fear...

CECIL: It will take time, but I'm certain you can do it. My hope is that being on board this ship will aid inter-dimensional relations, so if you need any assistance...

TERRA: I wouldn't want to trouble you, but... thank you. If I ever need help...

CECIL: I assure you, it would be my pleasure and my honour to offer assistance.

TERRA: Thank you, Cecil! Is everyone from your world so kind and... shiny?

CECIL: My pleasure. I believe that everyone is good at heart, yes; but I'd hardly consider myself kind... I simply try to help wherever possible.

[pauses at Terra's question]

Ah - shiny? [looks down at himself; he's wearing comfortable clothes, nothing ostentatious - then he realises what she's probably referring to, since far too many people have already commented on it.] My hair, you mean?

TERRA: *smiles* I think... maybe that's what kindness is. Helping whenever possible, I mean.

I... ah. Is it a touchy subject?

CECIL: No, not at all... I suppose it simply doesn't occur to me that people might ask about my hair.

As to your question - silver is an uncommon colour in my world; I get it from my Lunarian heritage. That is, if you're asking about the colour. Kain has blond hair, though on the subject of 'shiny', Edgar was complimenting him on it earlier...

TERRA: Lunarian...? Setzer has silver hair too, as well as our friend Locke, but neither of them are quite as... sparkly.

*giggles* Edgar was? Oh, Edgar thought--...

[On second thought, better not say.]

CECIL: I'm half-human; my father was of a different race known as the Lunarians. I - [holds up a lock of his own silver hair; it does shine in the sunlight] - wasn't aware my hair was... sparkly, as you put it, although many people have made remarks on it since I boarded this ship.

[Cecil has a very good idea of what Edgar thought, considering it was said straight to his face. He gives Terra a somewhat rueful look] He did mistake me for my wife earlier...

TERRA: Are they... like the Espers...? [Partially to herself, though.]

It's beautiful. I'm sorry if I made you uncomfortable about it.

He did? Oh no... I thought he was just...

CECIL: The Espers...? If you don't mind my asking.

Thank you - no, you didn't make me uncomfortable; I'm ... unused to people asking about my hair.

Ah - yes. He did. In front of a goodly number of people, who instantly corrected him. [slightly relieved at this]

TERRA: They're-- *corrects herself*

They were creatures of magic. They've left our world, taking all magic with them...

Oh! I apologize on his behalf. I will go over the guest list with him tonight.

CECIL: Ah, I see. They weren't creatures of magic. I'm sorry to hear that the Espers leaving took magic from your world, though. Was it much-relied upon?

No, no need for apologies. It was a genuine mistake on his part; it's over now. Besides, I - ah... slipped him the guest list earlier. [smiles] Although I see he's not the only one unaware that Galuf is a king.

[It's probably a good thing Rosa made him go through that guest list one last time, now he thinks of it.]

TERRA: Mm... yes and no. We didn't have magic for a long time, so people developed technological wonders. Still, it was... so important in the short time we had it...

I... I should try to make sure it doesn't happen again.

CECIL: Then you have something to fall back on, at least. Losing a source of power is always difficult...

[nods at that] It will probably be difficult, but I'm certain you can do it.

TERRA: Yes. And it's a small price to pay for peace...

CECIL: I agree with you. It is, after all, much easier to destroy than rebuild.

[He should know; he's moved on, but the aftermath of the Red Wings' attacks is still very much evident in his world. What Baron's airships can destroy in minutes takes a lifetime's work to rebuild, after all.]

TERRA: Why do people destroy? What purpose is there? It just... takes things away. It doesn't help anyone.

CECIL: Greed, perhaps. Lust for power. I feel they are poor reasons to cause destruction, but then there are those who disagree.

TERRA: Kefka just... wanted to destroy. He wouldn't listen to anyone or anything. So many lives were lost... And I still don't know why.

CECIL: [Cecil gives Terra a sympathetic look; the question of 'why' is always the hardest to answer. He knows he spent many sleepless nights wondering why he was being ordered to seize the Crystals, up until he found out Cagnazzo was impersonating his foster father.]

There are some who revel in destruction...

[He doesn't really like the idea, though.]

It may be better that we never come to understand why?

[That kind of mindset unnerves him, a little, after all; and fully understanding it might be a bit too close to having it for him to be comfortable with the idea.]

If the wars in our home worlds are both over, perhaps we should both be looking to the future and how to rebuild, instead of dwelling on the past.

TERRA: I... I suppose that's true.

Thank you, Cecil.

Maybe they had their own reasons, but we just... need to make sure it never happens again.

CECIL: You're welcome.

[nods at that]

It might not be entirely possible to do that, but we can, I think, at least try to change things for the better.

TERRA: Yes! At the very least, we can do... whatever we can, to help.


...Cecil... Can I... ask your advice for something?

CECIL: Of course. As I said, it would be my pleasure to help.

TERRA: [blushes] It's... it's a little embarrassing. Can we speak in private?

CECIL: Certainly.

Ah - where do you propose we speak?

TERRA: My ro--

[no, not her room, Edgar is there]

Umm... Anywhere, I just... don't want anyone else to overhear.

CECIL: My room is currently empty, if you wish to use it.

If not... you know this ship better than I; surely you can find us a quieter location.

TERRA: We can. Your friend won't mind...?

CECIL: Kain and I both spend very little time in the room... and should he object, there are other places to have this conversation.

If you are all right with this...?

TERRA: [headtilt] I don't think it would be a problem...

CECIL: [nods]

Very well, then.

[exits Main Deck with Terra]


JECHT: Jecht wandered back onto the deck, patting his stomach with a satisfied sigh. Nothing like a good meal to set you up for the day!

"Heya blondie," he boomed, taking a swig of the extra pint of beer he'd sneaked out of the dining room. "You're about as pretty as my boy, ya know?" He threw a companionable arm around the man's shoulders and slapped him on the chest.

"Ya got nothin' to say? Well, maybe you're just intimidated by my rugged good looks, eh? Don't worry blondie, you're not the first and you definitely won' be the last! I'll teach you to get over that in no time, don' you worry."

CECIL: [Cecil blinks. Is this person trying to hit on him? Is there something about this ship that makes half its current occupants try to hit on him? He's genuinely confused. Nobody tried that back at home in Baron.]

Ah -[He's being painfully polite now.] Good day - [tries to remember the guest list. He can't place this one.] I'm sorry, you are -?

[He's not going to say anything about the 'pretty' remark.]

JECHT: Jecht wasn’t particularly taken aback that blondie didn’t know who he was. Something about this ship seemed to make people weird, and anyway, he’d been out of the Blitz scene for so long that it just wasn’t what it used to be. He would have expected anyone from Spira to know him, but that would only be through Braska anyway, and Auron, who would probably be appalled with a touch of jealousy at Jecht’s behaviour.

He shrugged and grinned, loose and easy. “The name’s Jecht, blondie. I’d ask for yours, but I kinda like how blondie fits on ya. I’m here with Lady Yuna,” he took another swig of his beer, tipping down the dregs with relish. “Are you here on yer own, or you got someone else with ya?”

CECIL: [Ah, Jecht. He remembers a Jecht on the guest list.]

I'm Cecil, of Baron. [He deliberately drops the title; something tells him Jecht would probably not use it anyway. Besides, the lack of stifling formality on the ship is somewhat refreshing - even if people seem to be giving him nicknames based on his hair. He didn't think it sparkled, mind, but...] My closest friend, Kain, is travelling with me, though I haven't seen him since yesterday.

I don't believe I've had the honour of meeting the Lady Yuna yet?

JECHT: "I don think I've met your Kain, then. Is he as pretty as you are? That'd be a sight to see, and no mistake!" Jecht winked in an exaggerated fashion, tried to take a drink and then realised that his glass was empty.

"She's in the dinin room right now. That soldier lady was sat with her, so I reckoned she's safe."

CECIL: Ah, no, you probably haven't. Perhaps you can meet him later - and doubtless form your own opinion of his looks? My opinion is hardly one to go by, after all.

Soldier lady - Sergeant Lightning, I assume? She should definitely be safe, then.

[searches for a topic that doesn't involve him being pretty; seizes on the first topic that comes to mind out of desperation]

I presume you are here as Lady Yuna's bodyguard, then? That must occupy a lot of your time.

JECHT: "Eh blondie, don' be so quick to dismiss yerself, eh?" Jecht elbowed Cecil, bone crushing up against armour. He grunted in mild shock, then grinned ruefully.

"Yeah, I'm her bodyguard." He rubbed his elbow, bringing it up to eye-level in an attempt to examine the damage.

"An' I dunno about meetin' Kain later, but I'd like to meet you later." Jecht's eyes flicked appreciatively down then up again as he met Cecil's eye, completely brazen.

CECIL: [Cecil's oblivious, but he's not quite that oblivious; Jecht's gaze is extremely brazen, for one. Even so, he tries to be polite.]

You have something to tell me that needs to be said in private, then?

JECHT: "Not sure about said," Jecht leered. "Unless yer talky in bed!" He laughed and slapped Cecil on the back, leaning into his personal space like how he used to do with Auron.

"O'course, if you're not into private, well, I ain't fussy. You wanna invite your Kain, m'even less fussy." He looked around, definitely not furtively. "You might wanna drink before that though! Loosen ya up a bit, yeah?"

CECIL: [Cecil backs off a little; he's grown a bit more used to people with somewhat less respect for personal space since his travels, but still. Also, Jecht is really rather unsubtle. And loud. He fervently hopes none of the nearby passengers overheard Jecht propositioning him.]

I, ah - no.

[Oh, good heavens. Not into private? Well, okay, there was that time with Rosa - no, never mind. And invite Kain - He swallows.]

Ah - no offense meant. [...he really, sincerely hopes none's taken; he doesn't want to upset Jecht, who seems like a nice enough person, if a bit brash. Better explain.]

I am flattered, but I'm married.

[He's always been thankful for Rosa and grateful to her, but possibly never more so than now. Is forging inter-dimensional relations supposed to be this difficult?]

JECHT: A wife, eh? Well, Jecht can't be blamed for not noticing a wedding ring, but he's not one to steal away other people's better halves, no matter what people might think of him.

"Alright Blondie," Jecht put up his hands in a peaceful gesture. "I'll back off, 'kay?"

He clapped Cecil on the shoulder once more, but in an ever-so-slightly less lecherous fashion. "I'm gonna get another drink and find little Yuna, you take care of yerself, ya hear? Maybe send your Kain my way, eh?" Jecht winked and swaggered off.

CECIL: [Cecil is admittedly relieved; he wasn't sure how he'd have reacted if Jecht had pushed it.]

...I shal -

[He stops short; that sounds a bit too much like he's agreeing to "send Kain Jecht's way", which... no. ...Not unless Kain actually wants that, of course.]

Thank you for your concern.

LIGHTNING: [Lightning marches past on her patrol, and if Cecil feels a firm pinch on his bum, then surely it cannot be her, for she doesn't even deign to look at him in her constant vigil for threats]

CECIL: [Cecil jumps a little. Did someone just -

He looks around. It can't be Jecht, who's talking to him. Terra or Edgar wouldn't, either.

He sees Lightning marching off on her patrol.

Maybe Lightning -

No, it can't be Lightning; she's too busy looking for threats, and she doesn't seem the sort to do that anyway.

Oh well. He must have imagined it, then. He gives himself a mental scolding; not everyone on board this ship is out to hit on him, despite Edgar and Jecht!]


KAIN: *After her conversation with the Turk and the strange old man, Kain catches Lightning's attention.*

Sergeant. How goes the investigation into the murder?

LIGHTNING: [Lightning walks over to the heavily armoured man]

Well enough, though the old mad is being evasive...

KAIN: *slightly amused*

And offensive, if his past behaviour provides any clues. You have a reason to suspect him, then?

LIGHTNING: [Lightning sighs and crosses her arms]

Only as much as anyone else...

What do you think are the motives behind the killing? what do they stand to gain?

KAIN: *Kain thinks for a moment. Since the murder, there had been little else to do other than think.*

Gast, while a scientist, has research that could change the politics of dimensions everywhere. This way to harness energy is a drop in the ocean, and the political fallout will be... immense.

Perhaps the killer sought to steal his ideas for their own. Perhaps they wanted the riches it would bring.

On the other hand... perhaps they saw how it would change their world, and simply decided that the path laid out by Gast would lead to certain destruction.

LIGHTNING: [Lightning takes a moment to reassess her opinion of Kain, she'd hardly believed the man she saw drinking himself under the table last night would turn out to have a brain...]

And what of your kingdom? What would it stand to gain? What changes would come of Gast's discovery?

KAIN: Doubtless, the standard of living would improve. Baron's Red Wings would prosper with faster, more efficiently-run airships. Life would, seemingly, become easier. But I cannot help but think that something would be lost, and something would be risked.

Our home is not a stranger to foreign races, with advanced technology. In that case? All it led to was pain and fear.

How well do we understand the meaning behind this technology? Would it invite another Zeromus or Golbez to our world, when we've fought so hard for our freedom?

LIGHTNING: hmm... [Lightning looks out over the deck, seeing King Cecil shining in the light, she ponders on the lengths a leader would go to protect their people]

Kain... How close are you to your king? what is your relationship?

KAIN: We were close, once. Best of friends. It... is a long story, one I am not comfortable with myself.

LIGHTNING: [Lightning senses that there's some ... Issues between Cecil and Kain, and while that might be facinating under other circumstances, it is not her job to pry]

Yes, but how well do you know him now how far would he go to protect his Kingdom?

KAIN: *Kain looks over to Cecil, who is still talking with Edgar, and smiles slightly* I've never met a man more forgiving and accepting than my King, and doubtless, I never will.

But... would you take a moment to talk with me, Sergeant? Away from any prying eyes? One of the ship's corridors will suffice. *looks troubled*

LIGHTNING: [He may have some information after all!]

Of course, any time. Let's find somewhere private?

[exits with Kain]

CECIL [021]

CECIL: [Cecil's looking for Kain; he thought he saw Kain here only just now - ah. There he is. He makes his way over.]

Kain - I think - [he sighs] - Could we have a talk? Not here.


ASHE: [Ashe reappears on the deck this time stripped to a bikini. Though it is colder than Dalmasca she relishes in the lukewarm water splashing against her skin. She lays and floats on her back eyes shut. 'How nice it would be to travel upon this ship more often, to visit other worlds and see the wonders there. Vaan and Penelo would enjoy it, considering that they do a lot less stealing and a lot more exploring. Larsa would too and that means he would bring Basch.' She allows herself to let her thoughts wander down this train of thought for a time.]

GALUF: Galuf notices Ashe's reappearance and her new outfit. He lets out an appreciative whistle and approaches her at the pool.

"Ah honey, if I told you, you had a beautiful body, would you hold it against me?" *winks*

ASHE: [Ashe startles and stands in the pool, flailing a bit, then collecting herself. She turned to face him.]

"Ah! King Galuf. No I would not hold it against you. If anything I find it a compliment. My congratulations on your winning the first auction."

BALTHIER: Balthier walks up behind Galuf and gently clears his throat before speaking.

"Indeed, well done, that's quite a prize." He flashes the man one of his best smiles before continuing. "It makes one wonder what other treasures will be sold off... I can think of a number of things I'd pay quite a lot to get my hands on." He looks at each of them in turn. "And what of you two? What would you most like to get your hands on?"

ASHE: Ashe frowns.

"I am unsure. I do not know what pieces will be offered."

BALTHIER: Balthier nods sadly, heaves a small sigh, and glances at Galuf.

"Am I to assume that you are equally ignorant? Surely they must have told *someone*. Surely someone has *heard* something..."