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Incomplete; recorded via AIM


Cecil (11:34:24 AM):

(OOC: Okay. Location: Room IV (Cecil and Kain's room) because Mysti and Ari are horrible people in the best way possible, clearly)

Terra (11:35:29 AM):

(OOC: Come on, like we DON'T need more UST?)

Cecil (11:36:24 AM):

(OOC: Of course we do, who are you kidding. You start this, or I do?)

Terra (11:36:49 AM):

(OOC: Uh... either. XD)

Cecil (11:39:20 AM):

[unlocks the door to his room and holds it open for Terra to enter first. There's a Convenient Chair in the room she can use, unless she prefers to be seated somewhere else?]

Terra (11:40:11 AM):


[Terra lingers for a moment, before sitting on the edge of the chair, playing with her fingers in her lap.]

Cecil (11:42:40 AM):

[Cecil shuts the door behind them before taking a seat on the edge of his bed.]

There was something you wished to ask me?

Terra (11:43:31 AM):

You and Queen Rosa... How did you... When did you... Um...

Cecil (11:43:54 AM):

[waits patiently, giving Terra an encouraging look]

Terra (11:44:18 AM):

How did you know what that feeling was? How did you get... together?

Cecil (11:47:28 AM):

Rosa and I... grew up together. [pauses, and adds] With Kain. I suppose... [he thinks] having known her all my life... it was natural? I simply could not imagine spending my life with any other woman.

Cecil (11:47:39 AM):

(OOC: [pours more UST])

Terra (11:51:25 AM):

Oh... [looks slightly disappointed] I still... I don't know what it means to love someone. I... don't know what I imagine. And I suppose it could be anyone, not just me...

Cecil (11:52:45 AM):

I presume we are speaking specifically of romantic love here? I cannot imagine that you do not love the children in your orphanage, since you lavish so much time and care on them.

Terra (11:54:55 AM):

[smiles at the mention] I love them. I think, for the first time, I had a real reason to fight, other than simply because people wanted me to. I wanted to protect them...

Cecil (11:59:14 AM):

I, too, cared deeply for Rosa's well-being. There is very little - if anything at all - I would not give, to see her safe. And she, on her part... I wanted to keep her safe, when we went to the moon on board the Lunar Whale. I asked her to leave the ship, and she - [laughs] She and Rydia hid in the ship and insisted on accompanying us. I should have known better than to try. [coughs] Although, admittedly, there were other considerations...

Terra (12:01:57 PM):

[giggles] That sounds like Relm. She was a little girl who followed us, once, to a dangerous place, because she didn't want her grandfather to go alone.

Umm... What other considerations did you mean?

Cecil (12:04:14 PM):

[pictures this, and smiles] She sounds extremely resourceful, then.

Ah - it might take too long to explain. [Yeah, he's not saying anything on that matter.]

Terra (12:08:52 PM):

Ah...? All right. [Terra looks confused, but shrugs]

I... I guess you wouldn't really be able to tell me how to... umm... attract... someone's attention?

Cecil (12:09:49 PM):

[slightly wry] I'm afraid not. [He's still working out why everyone on this ship is trying to hit on him, after all.]

...Is there someone's attention you wish to attract, then?

Terra (12:11:54 PM):

Oh... I thought, since everyone seemed interested in you... [WELL IT WAS A NATURAL ASSUMPTION ;_;]

Ah... Maybe, but. I wonder if it isn't better to give up. I don't know what it is I feel, and he... Every single woman... [shakes head]

Cecil (12:14:57 PM):

Oh. Ah. I... have no idea why everyone seems interested in me. It confuses me, to say the least. I was not such a target of attention back home, in Baron.

Give up? Why?

Terra (12:18:09 PM):

[small laugh] Maybe you're exotic to everyone else here, then.

Because I'm... so confused. I don't know what he wants. I don't know what I want. I'm... not even normal...

Cecil (12:21:09 PM):

[laughs with her] Perhaps it is the hair? You weren't the first person to comment on it being... ah, 'sparkly'.

I would say you are an extraordinary person, but beyond that, I must admit I fail to see why you would consider yourself 'not normal'.

Cecil (12:21:16 PM):

(OOC: Because it totally has to be the hair, AMIRITE.)

Terra (12:21:52 PM):


Terra (12:23:39 PM):

[giggles a little] Maybe it is.

[looks more serious and hesitates] ...I... I'm a... I <i>was</i> a... half-Esper. Now that they're gone, I don't know what I am anymore. I loved the human side of myself enough to stay in this world, but... sometimes I feel lost.

Cecil (12:29:09 PM):

[considers this, and thinks of his friends] I think perhaps everyone feels lost, sometimes. I do not believe being half-Esper does not make you any less capable of human emotion, particularly since you chose to stay.

Terra (11:58:09 AM):

[looks away] I was completely under the Empire's control until only a few years ago. I don't know how to feel anything...

Cecil (12:01:53 PM):

And yet you spend time and effort raising funds for an orphanage; I would say it is clear to anyone that you care deeply for the children you've adopted.

Terra (12:09:04 PM):

Mm... I...

[topic change]

[fiddles with her hands again] Edgar... confuses me. He pays so much attention to every woman, and yet...

Cecil (12:09:50 PM):

[encouraging] And yet...?

Terra (12:12:40 PM):

Do people DO that...? Sometimes, I wonder what he thinks about me.

Cecil (12:14:52 PM):

[tries to remember if Edgar's said anything to him about Terra; nothing. But there was his attempting to matchmake Kain...]

Forgive me if I seem rude, but - from your words, I presume you are not currently in a relationship?

Terra (12:16:18 PM):

[headtilt] No... not that I'm aware of

Terra (12:16:21 PM):


Cecil (12:20:53 PM):

[Hmm. Okay. That's interesting. He doesn't remember Edgar mentioning Terra to Kain. He's fairly sure he'd have remembered; Edgar suggested half the ship, after all...]

Edgar was trying to introduce my friend Kain to those guests who were not currently in relationships. He mentioned several names - Sergeant Lightning, General Beatrix, Queen Ashelia... I am certain he did not mention yours...

Terra (12:26:53 PM):

What does... what does that mean? [Terra had an idea, of course, but...]

Cecil (12:27:35 PM):

My impression, until you told me otherwise, was that you were already in a relationship...

Cecil (12:27:44 PM):

Or about to be.

Terra (12:28:56 PM):

With... with him?

Cecil (12:31:06 PM):

Ah - I did not know if you were with Edgar specifically, but... the thought did cross my mind.

Terra (12:34:00 PM):

He... he didn't tell me anything about it. [maybe pouting a little]

Cecil (12:35:21 PM):

Perhaps he did not know how to tell you?

Terra (12:36:09 PM):

I wonder... if I should help him...

Cecil (12:36:19 PM): him?

Terra (12:36:38 PM):

If I... show him it's okay... maybe he'd tell me.

Cecil (12:37:42 PM):

[Ah. Well. Perhaps his friend might not remain a bachelor king for too much longer...]

Yes, perhaps you should.

Terra (12:38:51 PM):

How would I...?

Cecil (12:40:58 PM):

[...okay, that's a harder question to answer. Hmmmmmm.]

I am uncertain as to your history with him, but... I gather that you are already good friends?

Terra (12:41:35 PM):

Yes, of course. We've... traveled together for a long time.

Cecil (12:45:31 PM):

Perhaps... you should ask him to spend a day with you. For fun. [It's the only thing he can think of.] Rosa and Kain and I spent a great deal of time training our various disciplines, but we also spent time together as friends...

Terra (12:47:24 PM):

[brightens at the suggestion] Ah! All right! What should I ask him to do? What do people generally...?

Cecil (12:50:06 PM):

On this ship? [considers] I have heard the food in the dining hall is exquisite; perhaps you could talk over a meal? Or - the pool does not seem to be very crowded...

Terra (12:53:03 PM):

Food and... swimming? That doesn't sound too hard...

Cecil (12:53:50 PM):

It shouldn't be. [smiles] I think perhaps he might like the attention, even.

Terra (12:54:44 PM):

Ah? What kind of attention? [totally new to dating, you know]

Cecil (12:56:29 PM):

Ah - that is, your asking him to spend time with you.

Terra (12:58:16 PM):

Ah... all right. [shouldn't be hard, right? They're always spending time together anyway. TOTALLY NOT GETTING THIS. XD]

Cecil (1:01:03 PM):

[Cecil doesn't know enough of their relationship to know, though, so whatever suggestions he makes are made somewhat blindly. Mind, Terra's more or less just indicated an interest in Edgar, so...]

Perhaps if you do like him, you should tell him, as well.

Terra (1:01:47 PM):

Tell him...? [thought has never occurred]

Cecil (1:02:36 PM):

My apologies if I am being too presumptuous, but I was under the impression you returned his interest...

Terra (1:04:06 PM):

I... I don't know. I think so, but... how would I ever know?

Cecil (1:06:00 PM):

[Cecil doesn't know how to define this.]

I cannot give you the answer to that question, but ... you said you did not mind his interest earlier, so I thought...


Random suggestions thrown in for sheer lol.

"Every time someone mistakes Cecil, Tseng or Laguna for a girl, take one shot."

"Every time someone suspects Cecil and Kain are sleeping together - and not in the 'sharing a room' way - take one shot."

"Every time Lightning questions someone, take one shot."

"Every time Zidane, Jecht, Galuf or Edgar hit on someone, take one shot; two if the someone's not female."

"Everytime Jecht drinks, take one shot! Don't forget to toast him."

"Every time Kain mopes, take a sip. On second thoughts, keep drinking." (It amounts to the same thing, anyway.)

Every time someone asks Kain or Cecil about their hair, take one shot.

Take a shot for every pairing, crack or otherwise, that you can infer from the goings on in the ship:

Cecil/Terra (even if it didn’t happen)

Every time Edgar gets shot down by Terra, finish your drink in honor of the poor, sad, womanizing king.

Every time someone is surprised that Galuf’s a king, take one shot.